Mapping with Drones

We use drones to create geographical data that can be used to create accurate and high resolution 3-D spatial data and imagery. This data can be used for topographical information, mapping, developing virtual models, measuring volumes and land features, assessing crop health, and a plethora of other uses. Our data is fully compatible with geographical information systems, CAD, and Google Earth and most other platforms that use spatially referenced data. Based in Guelph, ON, we are fully licensed and insured to operate in the Province of Ontario.

More than a Picture

Map Hawks specializes in using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also known as drones  to create high resolution georeferenced imagery and data. What we capture are not only images, but maps, spatial information and 3 dimensional models that can be used to measure and visualize areas in the range of 20-300 acres with spatial accuracy as low as 2.5 cm. This data can be used as the basis for land surveys, volumetric surveys, planning, measurement of crop health, and creating stunning 3D visualizations and models. Most people are familiar with the Google Maps imagery, but those images are frequently several years old and can be of a coarse resolution. Our drones can capture imagery and process it within 24 hours, all at a price that is significantly cheaper than using aerial photography.

Our UAV’s

Most UAV’s on the market are designed to take pictures and video that are not suitable for mapping purposes. For aerial  photo generation images need to be integrated into an orthomosaic that involves stitching together dozens or hundreds of images together. Our flagship UAV is a SenseFly Ebee Ag that is designed specifically for mapping and uses an autonomous flight plan to ensure that there is consistency between the images. Image overlap is required for creating orthomosiacs and digital surface models that require multiple overlapping images to calculate heights, distances, and volumes.

We are Licensed and Insured to Fly Commercially

The Ebee is also the only commercial UAV considered to be compliant by Transport Canada, which means it meets the highest safety standards in the industry. All Map Hawks UAV operations are flown under a Special Flight Operations Certificate issued by Transport Canada. This certificate is required for all commercial UAV flights including simple photography and video such as real estate photography, any operator flying without this certificate is doing so illegally and are likely not insured or trained to safely operate a UAV. Map Hawks currently holds a standing SFOC for the Province of Ontario, allowing us to operate within class G airspace.

We Know how to Use Spatial Data

In addition to flying the UAV and capturing data, Map Hawks has over 20 years experience in the geomatics industry and can compliment your data using GIS and remote sensing tools and techniques to deliver answers and products to suit your needs and requirements.