Services and Data Products

At Map Hawks we specialize in the use of UAV’s to develop data and products suitable for spatial applications. On the processing side we utilize E-Motion 2 flight planning software, PIX4D Mapper for image processing, and also have an array of GIS software for additional data analysis. We also have a wide range of graphics and video editing tools at our disposal.

  1. Orthomosaics: Orthomosaics are basically a series of georeferenced images stitched together to create a coverage of an area. The imagery seen in Google maps or aerial photography are examples of othomosaics. These data can be easily integrated into existing maps and overlayed with other spatial information.Orthophoto
  2. Digital Surface Models: Digital Surface Models (DSM) are 3 dimensional models that capture elevation as well latitude and longitude. A DSM is an extremely useful tool for a wide range of applications including drainage, volumetric calculations, line of sight.

    2.5 cm DSM
    2.5 cm DSM
  3. NDVI: Normalized Differential Vegetation Indices (NDVI) are one of if not the most significant remote sensing data products. Using the near infrared spectrum in addition to visible colours, an NDVI simply put is a measure of vegetation productivity / health and captures chlorophyll levels in a meaningful way.NDVI
  4. 3-D Models: 3 dimesional models consisting of point clouds and meshes allow the visualization of data from a wide variety of perspectives3D
  5. Spatial Analysis and GIS: We have over 20 years experience in the geomatics industry and can perform hundreds of spatial analysis’ on data, including all manner of data conversions, volumetric calculations, hydrology modeling, line of sight, etc.ArcGIS Ebee
  6. Volumetric Surveys: Volumetric surveys can be quickly calculated from UAV data. There are many advantages in using a UAV to conduct volumetric survey including safety as they do not require a person to physically collect measurements in dangerous areas, timely results with data processed generally within 24 hours of flight, precision and accuracy using millions of data points, and no requirement to disrupt work flow on the site. Volume data collected with an Ebee drone has been shown to produce more accurate results than both ground surveys and LIDAR, at a fraction of the cost. Volumetric survey
  7. .KML: kml or Keyhole Markup Language is a standard utilized by Google Earth and Maps to create the tiles that are used by their applications. We can generate the .kml data so that you can view and display your data directly in Google Earth.Google map vs Ebee
  8. Ground Control Points (GCP): GCP using RTK enable the spatial accuracy of data to be as high as 2 cm, which can be very useful or essential in some industries such as quarries, construction, and land surveying where spatial accuracy of >5 cm is required. In other industries such as agricultural monitoring, RTK precission may not be necessary as the spatial accuracy without RTK is generally in the vicinity of 2 m.
  9. Video Editing: We do provide video editing services for our clients and can prepare videos for use in high resolution promotional videos or web based video platforms such as YouTube
  10. Photography and Video: In addition to our Ebee we also have a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter that is capable of taking excellent quality video and oblique imagery pictures.